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Our parish history is well documented in dozens of books and hundreds of documents from various eras.

We shall try to collect here the most interesting accounts of our village and parish history.

We shall also advise you on additional external links to the other sites which contain chapters about East Hendred and its colourful past.

East Hendred: The Past and The Present - chapters from Mahala Addenbrooke's book "East Hendred - A Brief Guide" (1971)

Archaeological Excavations in East Hendred in 1934 which uncovered artefacts from Iron Age, Bronze Age and Roman times.

Click here to find out more about local history and genealogy of local families.

If you have a group who would like to walk around this beautiful village hearing about our interesting history, looking at some of our unusual historic remnants or just enjoying the scenery - then please contact us to arrange a guide.

Very reasonable rates.

Telephone 01235 833453

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