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Disabled Access to the Museum



As with many mediaeval villages, our streets are small and narrow, so parking may be a little bit difficult, but if you will try, you most probably will find convenient places to park in High Street or Chapel Square.

Disabled Access

Champs Chapel is literally a tiny chapel with very little room to move. Whilst we have made every endeavour to accommodate the interests of all of our visitors, some disabled customers may find it difficult to move about, in particular, transporting themsleves to the first floor of the chapel. That is why we have recently moved the majority of our most significant artefacts to the ground floor of the chapel and provided a state-of-the-art interactive preview of the interior of the first floor of the chapel and of a few remaining there historical artefacts on a computer specially installed for that purpose on the ground floor. So, although we have a somewhat limited physical access for the disabled visitors, it does not limit their ability to view the entire museum collection or the interior of the chapel.

In most cases, we will be able to help you to move about and do our best to show you everything worth seeing, tell you tales of time and answer all your questions about the history of our village and some rare objects and artefacts from our museum collection.

Toilet facilities

The museum does not have any conveniences of its own. There are disabled toilets at the Eyston Arms.

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