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St Mary’s Road - Annual Exhibition 2024

Come along to 'the Exhibition of 2024!

Exhibition opens Saturday 13th April 2024 and is open every Saturday and Sunday from 2.30pm - 4.30pm until the end of October. 

Over 10 years ago East Hendred Heritage Trust started “The street where you live’ project. So far it has produced 9 exhibitions including 7 short films. Each exhibition takes a street or area of the village and displays people, film footage, photos, and objects bringing the last 170 years to life. We have brought you White Road and Orchard Lane, Cat Street, Church Street, Newbury Road, Horn Lane and the High Street but we started the series with a lesser known part of the village, St Mary’s Road and Hill Farm Road. We were blown away by what we found in St Mary’s but the display was limited. So in 2023 to celebrate the 10th anniversary we created a new and exciting updated version. We have tons of new material to show including the exciting link between Moat Cottage and Mary Seacole, and the amazing connection between the Palace of Westminster and St Mary’s. Don’t miss it!

‘The secret history of your street” project, now in its tenth year, has been an adventure in detective work. We are always uncovering new photographs, paintings, documents and objects. Those of us involved in the project see the annual summer exhibition as a gathering together of the previous year’s most exciting discoveries.


Currently we have privileged access to an incredible private archive of  historical postcards dating back to the 1890s. The postcards have been digitally scanned to the highest quality allowing us to share with you unbelievably sharp and detailed images of life in Hendred through the last 130 years.


Huge amounts of work is also being done on the oral history of the village and every year we are very proud to be able to show off the fruits of this great project. Combining the oral project with the photographic collection of the Museum adds compelling depth to our exhibitions and we think that this year is no exception.


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